What is bidirectional charging?

Imagine plugging in your electric vehicle (EV) to charge at home and simultaneously powering up your house during a blackout. This is no longer a thing of the future. Welcome to the revolutionary world of bidirectional charging; it’s a game-changer that takes EV charging to new heights and flow directions, making electric vehicles more than […]

Advisory electricity rates: An informative guide

In an age driven by sustainability, the rising popularity of electric cars is hardly surprising. But as you embark on the eco-friendly journey, you may find yourself faced with peculiar jargon such as “advisory fuel rates” and “advisory electricity rates.” Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Fear not! This comprehensive guide will demystify all there is to […]

Clearing the Air: Unveiling the potential of clean air zones (CAZs)

Air, the very essence that sustains life on earth – we breathe in about 11,000 litres of it each day. Yet, how often do we ponder the quality of this vital resource? Amidst accelerating urbanisation and industrial development, air quality has come under serious threat. ‘Clean Air Zones’ (CAZs) have been introduced as an innovative […]

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular. This guide will clarify a common query: how long does it take to charge them? Frankly, there’s no single definitive answer to this question. The crucial factors determining charging time include your vehicle’s battery size, depletion level, and the power provided by the charging point. Nonetheless, recent technology advancements […]

Should I buy an electric car?

It’s a question increasingly on the minds of many consumers and enthusiasts alike, “Should I buy an electric car?”. This contemplation arises from the dynamic shifts observed in the worldwide automobile industry. With advancements in technology, stronger consciousness towards environmental sustainability, and greater accessibility to sustainable transport solutions, the query is no longer a passing […]

The evolution of the electric car

Imagine zipping down a highway in an elegantly designed vehicle without a whisper emanating from its engine. The history of electric cars might surprise you – it’s longer, more exciting and filled with unexpected twists than many realise. Join me as we trek through time, unwinding the strands of innovation and seeing the remarkable evolution […]

How do you pay for electric car charging

As electric vehicles (EVs) surge in popularity, navigating the landscape of electric car charging points and payment methods becomes a critical skill. Gone is the familiar routine of driving to a petrol station and paying at the counter or pump. Instead, we step into a new future where our car fuels right in our garage […]

Claiming electricity for electric cars

With our climate hanging in the balance and an increased emphasis on sustainable living, electric cars have revved their way to the forefront of consumer consciousness. But as more people make the switch from their petrol or diesel car-guzzling engines to eco-friendly options, a new question arises: How do we claim electricity used to power these […]

The importance of fleet cards

What is a fleet card?  Fleet cards help companies keep track of their fuel expenses accurately and can also provide discounts from fuel card companies. Some fleet cards come with advanced features specifically designed to manage specific sizes of fleets. For example, some fleet cards offer customisable spending limits and detailed consumption reports for each […]

Fuel cards for businesses

Businesses often prioritise optimising expenses and improving operational efficiency. However, they often overlook a tool that could help achieve these goals – fuel cards. Fuel cards are often an underutilised financial asset that can save businesses money and streamline expense management. In this guide, we’ll cover what fuel cards are, their benefits, which specific one […]